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PBCA’s final meeting of the year, another year in which we advocated loudly for our community and worked hard on everything from formal submissions to protecting our fragile dunes.

Thanks to MP for Noosa Sandy Bolton for recapping her busy 2021, to Deputy Mayor Frank Wilkie for his hard work and to all of those amazing volunteers who do so much for our community.

Here’s a very quick summary of just some of the issues we’ve been working on lately.

  • Our tireless bush carers, led by our guru Rochelle Gooch, spent hundreds of hours rehabilitating our dunes, while advocating a Coastal Foreshore Management Plan that needs more Council financing.

  • In-put into Noosa Council’s Coastal Hazard Adaptation Planning for the decades ahead.

  • We advocated for our residents on Noosa Council’s Short Term Accommodation decision-making here in Peregian Beach and Marcus Beach.

  • We’ve contributed with on-going input into Noosa Council’s Community Climate Change Response Plan.

  • Made a submission to Council on adopting a Policy to deal with extension applications for Development Approvals. This might help prevent ‘land banking’ by developers that leaves long term eyesores like our Friendly Grocer site.

  • Made a submission to Council on the Weekend Free Bus Service being extended to cover the whole of Noosa Shire. We hope to hear more on this next year.

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