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Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Peregian Beach can now look forward to a long-term boost in visitor spending after a community victory in the marathon battle over development of the old caravan park site.

PBCA – a partner in the court battle – has applauded Noosa Council for tenaciously defending the Noosa Plan in a deal now ratified which reduces the number of buildings on the site and ensures they are all used for short-term visitor accommodation.

It’s a great outcome for the community, local businesses and the Noosa Plan ensuring that the benefits of visitor dollars are spread through the local economy.

The developer Thomco could have saved Noosa ratepayers and our local residents the substantial court costs taken to defend the town plan if they had ‘played by the rules’ 12 years ago.

The developer’s plans for the site changed over five times since 2016.

We are enormously grateful that we have a Council prepared to stand up to developers and a local community prepared to put its money and energy where its mouth is.

The agreement means;

· A 32 room motel will be built on the site from later this year.

· The vista of Mt Cooroy will be preserved over the roof of the hotel

The view to Mt Cooroy will be preserved.

· 20 homes will then be built (reduced from 26), and all will be for visitor accommodation.

· A register of occupation must be kept by the body corporate (and made available to Council) and the units cannot be used by anyone for continuous occupation for more than 90 days in each calendar year.

· There will be no rear vehicle access to Rufous Lane.

· A 3 metre setback from Rufous Lane is required and heights will comply with the Noosa Plan’s 8-metre limit, with three exceptions due to fill.

OUR VIDEO tells the story of what this means for our village.

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