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Blasting at the location is completely incompatible with aviation activities at low altitudes

This is the EVIDENCE given to SCC which they now want the community to ignore because it is inconvenient to the airport expansion.

The written advice from Steve Adams from LEAPP to SCC was as follows:

"The location is immediately underneath and adjacent to the critical final approach segments for both straight in approaches from the North and shortened approaches from the East for Runway 13, as well as the northbound and east turning departure paths for Runway 31. Aircraft would be operating in this location during critical phases of flight typically at altitudes between 1000 and 2000 feet.

My opinion is that blasting at the location is completely incompatible with aviation activities involving approach and departure of commercial aircraft at low altitudes in critical phases of flight given the new runway location. For a conclusive assessment a full aeronautical risk study should be carried out by the council to assess the impact on flying operations associated with the new runway prior to issuing any approvals for such activities."

Neither SCC nor CASA have conducted a full aeronautical risk study.

CASA has just waived it through!

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