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Updated: Sep 24, 2021

At Sunrise Beach a battle is being waged to save a Glossy Black Cockatoo "hotspot" from destruction by a Blue Care development.

We urge Noosa Council to continue and redouble its efforts to find a solution to this issue that protects this very important location for our Glossy Blacks.

This is a fact sheet from the local group trying to save the habitat.


The Glossy Black Cockatoo is one of Australia’s rarest cockatoos and is listed as vulnerable under Qld & NSW legislation.

At last count in 2016, only 96 glossies were counted in SE Qld with 37 of that number were identified in Noosa Shire.

Many of them can be observed feeding and drinking at Sunrise Beach where 11 fledglings have been spotted this breeding season.

Sunrise Beach Glossy Black Cockatoo habitat is now under threat

An application for a high density residential aged care facility and retirement village was submitted in 2008 and approved by Sunshine Coast Regional Council in 2011.

Unbeknown to residents, schools, and conservationists the development application period was extended by Noosa Council in 2017.

The conditions require Blue Care to identify food trees for propagation and offset planting on a different site.

Experts advise that there’s no evidence that environmental offsets work for Glossies and any regrowth, if successful, will not provide food for the birds for at least 7 years. This development has come as a shock to our community and flora and fauna conservationists.

10yr old Spencer with Mum Maxine, is supported by Birdlife Australia, Birdlife Qld, Noosa Biosphere Association & Noosa Integrated Catchment Association. His worldwide petition has attracted 39,000 signatures to save this crucial habitat, from further fragmentation and destruction.

The only known site on the Australian mainland where glossies feed, drink, roost & mate!

Leading Glossy Black Cockatoo researchers have concluded that habitat protection is the only way to ensure the survival of the Glossies into the future.

The Uniting Church’s own ‘Rights of Nature’ states that …. “Rare ecosystems and above all, those with abundance of species, are to be placed under absolute protection.

The driving of species to extinction is forbidden! “Blue Care’s planned 102 bed Residential Aged Care Home, Stage 1, followed by the Lend Lease Retirement Village of 52 homes, does NOT meet Church expectations for the Grasstree Court precinct.

This project is estimated to add 500 plus people to the neighbourhood.

A small window of opportunity to act & maximize the outcome for the Glossies & the community.

At a minimum we are asking Blue Care & Lend Lease to retain and protect our Sunrise Glossy Black Cockatoos’ Habitat & Wallum. And we are asking Noosa Council to support us in this!

Please listen to the community’s passion for our unique environment and

1. Seriously consider land swap options.

2. Do not clear-fell the site but retain the majority of Glossy black food trees.

3. Work with Glossy Team Sunrise members and experts to rethink and adapt this development.

4. Protect the Glossy drinking creek.

5. Work with Noosa Council & locals to mitigate traffic impacts.

This video shows how important the area is for Glossy Blacks and tells the story of a new generation fighting for them.

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