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Looking for some tips on which natives to plant in your coastal garden?

A good starting point might be to see what our PBCA bushcare coordinator - Rochelle Gooch - has found to replant around Beach Access 59 ... that's the Southern end of the Village foreshore Park where our new Story Tree sculpture will soon take shape.

Wet weather over the past few weeks has been kind to the young natives that have been planted in the eroded dunes as part of this community project.

PCBA Bushcare sourced this selection of salt tolerant trees and creepers from the excellent Coolum Community Native Nursery.

The nursery is a great place to buy inexpensive locally sourced native seedlings.

TREES Coastal Casuarina (casuarina equistifolia) Coastal banksia (banksia integrifolia) -the ones the yellow tail black cockatoos LOVE! Cheese tree (glochidian ferdinandi) Pandanus tectorius, Coastal wattle (acacia sophorae) Beach bird’s eye ( alectryon coriaceus)

SHRUBS Midyim Berry ( austromyrtus dulcis) Blue flax Lily (dianella congestion) Coastal boobialla ( myoporum)

CREEPERS Pig Face ( carpobrutus) Goat’s Foot ( ipomoea pes capre) Yellow Dune Bean(vigna marina) Roses Bean carnavalia rosea Coastal Spinifex (spinifex sericeus ) Climbing guinea flower (hibbertia scandens )

Thanks to Rochelle Gooch and to the Brahminy Beach Facepage page for helping to compile this list.

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