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Council artist's impression of the new toilet block in Peregian Park

Community welcomes Peregian Beach facelift

The Peregian Beach Community Association has welcomed a long overdue facelift on the way for some of the village’s high-profile public amenities.

On the list are a brand new toilet block, a new section of boardwalk just north of the lifeguard tower and a new roof for the surf club building.

Peregian Beach Community Association President Barry Cotterell said the Peregian village is one of the “little gems of the Sunshine Coast” and it’s crucial it be maintained to a high standard that’s in keeping with the low-key village scale.

“Low-key and up-market. This is our village point of difference” he said “and Noosa Council

understands it’s what makes our local economy resilient.”

The new, larger amenities block will include a parent’s room and expanded outdoor showers and it will be flipped 180-degrees so that access is from the Southern side of the park.

The full budget and design have not been finalised, but an initial budget of $350,000 has been put aside for construction in the quieter, winter months this year.

The Community Association has also welcomed Council’s inclusion of $176,000 for repairs to the Peregian Surf Club roof.

Barry Cotterell said the local Peregian Beach community had raised money to build the club in the first place, and this Council-owned asset must be kept in good condition while the Peregian Beach community “waits to resume its role” in managing the club.

Included in the upgrades will be a new section of boardwalk North of the Lifeguard tower.

The options for this are either a simple replacement of the current boardwalk or the addition of another elevated seating platform.

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