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Updated: Mar 24, 2019

: standing L-R, Barry Cotterell, PBCA President, Kate Le Faou (Le Bon Delice) Mark Anderson (Dessa Surf Shop) sitting, Sally Pocock (Finders Keepers), Mary Crawford, PBCA secretary.

A landmark victory for the Peregian community and Noosa Council. That’s how the Peregian Beach Community Association greeted today’s court settlement over contentious plans for the old Caravan Park site in the heart of the village.

PBCA President Barry Cotterell said protecting Peregian against “short-term profiteering” has been a costly and time-consuming process for his Association and the Council, but today’s victory shows the power of community and persistence.

The developer, the Scanlon Group, has agreed that;

· all accommodation on the site will be for visitors

· there will be no access via Rufous Lane or parkland

· the setbacks along Rufous lane will be increased to 3-metres with more landscaping

· and the roof of the motel will be modified to preserve the vista of Mt Cooroy from David Low Way

Mr Cotterell said visitor accommodation on the site has always been the intention of the Town Plan, regardless of the attempts by Scanlon to convert much of it to small townhouse-style development.

Since the sale and original approval by the Sunshine Coast Council, Mr Cotterell said the community has battled for an outcome that benefits all businesses and residents, rather than just the developer.

The Peregian Community Association President said “We thank Noosa Council for leading this marathon effort to protect our Town Plan, and we thank those fantastic members of our local community who contributed from their own pockets to mount this case.”

This case has dragged on for 11 years since the sale of the old caravan park site went though.

“Finally”, Mr Cotterell said, “we can mark this down as a significant compliance win for the Noosa Plan, and we do not have to wait for yet another application for developing this site.”

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