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Developer’s appeal dismissed. PBCA says “now let’s stick to the plan”

Peregian Beach Community Association welcomes the latest court decision on the prime village square site of the old Friendly Grocer across from the surf club.

PBCA spokesperson, Barry Cotterell, said the dismissal of

Andema’s appeal to extend its 2012 approval for 6 Heron St is a win for the village and the Noosa plan.

He called on Andema to quickly lodge an application which complies with the 2020 Noosa Plan and can be code assessed so that this redevelopment can proceed.

“This must not become a stealthy path towards three storeys, an overbuilt site and a threat to our low-key village style” he said.

“Andema should show that it is committed to the redevelopment of this important site by starting the demolition of the existing premises which it has allowed to become an eyesore” he said.

“A new application will require a two metre setback of the second floor on the Peregian Village Square (western) side of the building and the provision of disability access either by lift or escalators to any second floor”, he said.

“PBCA is adamant that the previous approval, that the rooftop only be available for use by the tenants and not for dining, be maintained” Mr Cotterell said.

“It is important that this prime site can once again contribute to the local economy and to what makes Peregian Beach such a special gateway to Noosa Shire.”

“Andema also should proceed with the water storage tanks under the building for Council’s use in watering the Peregian Village Square and enter into an agreement with Council to supply free of charge.”

“The building should also be solar powered and carbon neutral” he said.

“PBCA strongly supports Noosa Council’s stand on defending the Noosa Plan and not giving this developer any more time for either ‘land banking’ or attempting to circumvent the community’s clear wishes for the village.”

“PBCA is delighted with the dismissal of the appeal as this has saved the Council and ratepayers a lot of money”, he said

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