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Heron Street 3 storey cover-up

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Despite some fairly rudimentary artistic attempts to dress it up, there’s little good to be said for the ugly and over-sized block developers are trying to squeeze on to one of our prime real estate locations, 6 Heron Street.

Andema Pty Ltd, owners of the old Peregian Beach convenience store site, right across from the surf club, are pushing for a three-storey development in this 8-metre, two storey area that would stand out like the proverbial sore thumb.

We applaud Noosa Council for defending our Town Plan once again.  The previous owners of the site received Sunshine Coast Council approval (before de-amalgamation) in 2012, and that included rooftop use for tenants only.

They have now applied for what presents as a three storey building which – in the words of a Council report – “will visually dominate the street, adjacent properties, surrounding spaces and the existing skyline” while providing no additional parking.

It appears Council have caught on to this particular game. 

Not only does the development seek to break our Town Plan height limits, opening up a dangerous precedent for others to follow, it wants to open up the rooftop for commercial purposes (a rooftop bar and dining) and then – almost inevitably – push for weather-proofing that would take the roofline even higher.

We all know how dependant our village is on its low-key, village-style amenity. 

Let’s hope that, with some help from our Council and the courts, the developers of this site begin to understand why we are so protective of our Town Plan.

This is one of those cases, like the old caravan park site and the surf club itself, that have long-term consequences for our village, so we are watching very closely.

3 Storeys under cover

The 2012 Approved design which complies with the Noosa Plan

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