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The maps below tell a graphic story of the 'hollowing out' of our coastal village.

This was a gradual process until the recent explosion of the on-line Short Term Accommodation business.

Villages like Peregian Beach have been allowed to drift well beyond what the Noosa Plan intended to be "predominantly" residential.

What follows is a summary by Noosa Council Planning staff supporting their recommendation that the latest applications for more STA be denied.

Sadly, the majority of Noosa Councillors (apart from Deputy Mayor Frank Wilkie and Cr Tom Wegener) voted AGAINST this staff recommendation, and therefore AGAINST a belated attempt to support the Noosa Plan which does not envisage this area becoming a 'motel zone':


The planning scheme prioritises the preservation of medium density residential neighbourhoods for predominantly permanent residential dwelling units and seeks to protect the amenity of surrounding residential areas from the impacts of short-term accommodation.

The Medium Density Residential neighbourhood relevant to the subject site is the area generally bound by Peregian Esplanade and David Low Way. Two additional areas within proximity of the site are also zoned Medium Density Residential, one to the north of the Peregian village and a second to the south of the village. All of these areas are considered to form part of the same neighbourhood, as residents in these areas would generally have a sense of association/community across all of these areas. These areas are identified in the following image:

Each of these areas is characterised by a mix of detached dwelling, duplexes and multiple dwelling unit developments in which the significant percentage of the dwelling units are used for the purpose of short-term accommodation.

The following image details those properties within the Medium Density Residential neighbourhood which are being used for short-term accommodation (blue stars)

Historically the Coastal Communities area, being located adjacent to the eastern seaboard, has contained a significant number of holiday houses and holiday units. Whilst it is acknowledged that the location of the subject site would have appeal to potential holiday makers in that it is located within close proximity of the Peregian village and the patrolled Peregian beach it is located within a residential zoned area.

Over time the use of residential zoned properties for the purpose of shortterm accommodation has eroded the supply of dwellings available for permanent residents.

More recently the ease and popularity of on-line booking platforms has further incentivised property owners to make properties available for short term accommodation which has further impacted the supply of dwellings for permanent accommodation.

It is noted that 23% of dwellings within the coastal areas are being used for the purpose of short-term accommodation, and more recently approximately 115 additional dwellings approved under superseded planning scheme requests, with numerous requests still to be decided.

Whilst the proposal is in part consistent with the Coastal Communities Local Plan in that it contributes to the provision of tourist accommodation and is not located in an area which is predominantly permanent residential, the code does not seek to increase visitor accommodation in the medium density residential area and seeks to provide multi-unit accommodation for both permanents and visitors.

The area zoned Medium Density Residential is predominantly being used for visitor accommodation.

The medium density residential neighbourhood within proximity of the subject site contains approximately 50% of dwellings being used for the purpose of short-term accommodation.

Furthermore, there are numerous properties which have a development approval issued prior to the Noosa Plan 2006 which provides for the dwelling units to be used interchangeably for permanent or short-term accommodation.

The applicant submits in this regard that ‘the subject site is located in an area that caters for both for visitor accommodation as well as residential dwellings used for permanent accommodation.

The use of the subject site for visitor accommodation will not prejudice the outcome for the zone as there are still areas in the locality available for permanent accommodation.’

The applicant has not provided any detailed analysis of the extent of visitor accommodation in the area and it is clear that a review of the number of sites being used for visitor accommodation is impacting the outcome of the zone to maintain it predominantly for permanents. Increasing visitor accommodation in this area is likely to further impact on the amenity of remaining permanent residents and their neighbourhood.

It will also further impact on the availability of dwelling units for permanent residents.

There is no need for additional visitor accommodation in the area.

The proposal is also not consistent with the Purpose and Overall Outcomes (1) and (2)(f) of the Visitor Accommodation Code and is likely to detract from the amenity enjoyed by residents given resident’s reasonable expectations for the area. A double garage, and driveway provides sufficient area to park 2-3 cars associated with the proposed use of the site.

As the dwelling contains 5 bedrooms it is likely that at times car parking for more than 2-3 vehicles will be required. Due to the limited distance between the garage and the front boundary there is limited opportunities for additional car parking on site.

When the total number of cars associated with guests is more than 3 it is envisaged that these additional cars will seek to use the surrounding area for car parking.

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