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Have you ever imagined getting really, really lucky and sitting down at a quiz table with a world class academic on the subject?

Thanks to all of those who filled the Peregian Beach Community House for PBCA's Great Climate Quiz, in support of Noosa Council's Climate Week.

Our winning table may have had a bit of a head start.

You might recognise (on the left) one of Australia's eminent academics and writers on environmental issues, Professor Ian Lowe, emeritus professor in the School of Natural Sciences at Griffith University and an adjunct professor at Sunshine Coast University and Flinders University.

With him are Graham and Micky Coghill, Ben Jaeger (rear) and Elaine Jaeger and Denise Orr (in the front) .

And, surprisingly, the result wasn't a foregone was tight right to the end.

That very lucky (and highly qualified) table took home a copy of Tony Wellington's beautifully photographed WILD ABOUT NOOSA, with thanks to Annie's Books on Peregian, Peregian Beach Community House and Wild About Noosa by Tony Wellington.

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