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Let's make some noise about flight paths

It's a short stroll from the Peregian Beach IGA to the Puma service station down the road. Just a little over 900 metres. Well, that's how low commercial jet aircraft will be flying over residential areas between Marcus Beach and Castaways on the proposed flight path to the new runway at Sunshine Coast Airport.

Do you feel informed about this? Engaged? Consulted? Have you been asked about your opinion on the alternatives? If the answer is NO, it's because many residents feel there's been too little consultation in Noosa Shire, even though this is where the big changes in flight paths and noise will really bite in the years ahead.

This issue has flown under Noosa’s radar for far too long.

Thousands of local residents will have their quality of life affected by the proposed flight paths when the new runway – known as ‘13/31’ becomes operational next year.

There are currently about 33 jet aircraft movements a day from the airport, but this is projected to increase dramatically over the next few years.

The proposed flight paths will see passenger jets ascending or descending – depending on the prevailing winds – as low as 3,000 feet (914 metres) between Marcus Beach and Castaways.

These two maps show the proposed flights paths. The first will be most common (for a South Easterly sea breeze) with jet aircraft turning over the coast on descent via the GREEN path.

The second map shows how it will operate with an inland or Northerly wind with aircraft landing from the sea and taking off over Noosa Shire and Marcus/Castaways.

The alternative is to have them instead cross the coast further North between Teewah and Rainbow Beach in a far less populated area.

PBCA members have passed a resolution calling on Noosa Council to get more involved:

The Peregian Beach Community Association, representing residents in Peregian beach and Marcus Beach, calls on Noosa Council to take all possible steps to oppose the proposed flight path over the populated areas of the eastern beaches and urges Council to take collective action to lobby for the adoption of the northern flight path.”

PBCA President Barry Cotterell says most residents understand the economic benefits of a new runway, but a genuine process of engagement and consultation in Noosa Shire would have already seen the flight path route over the coast moved further North.

This is what PBCA is calling for:

· An extension of time to provide feedback – (currently April 30) to May 30.

· Flight paths changed so that they cross the coast between Teewah and Rainbow Beach.

· Noosa Council to back residents and strongly oppose flight paths between Marcus Beach and Castaways, and support an extension of time to put in a submission.

· A curfew for all aircraft arrivals and departures between 10pm and 7am.

More information is here:

And here you can put your address into the Aircraft Noise Information tool and get some idea of noise over your house.


Give your feedback to Air Services Australia:

Let your member of parliament know how you feel using these email addresses:             Sandy Bolton – Member for Noosa Member for Fairfax (where the airport is) Member for Wide Bay (Noosa Shire) Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development Michael McCormack, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport

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