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The Peregian Beach Community Association has welcomed Noosa Council’s agreed path forward in the debate over the Peregian Beach Surf Club.

PBCA President Barry Cotterell said the local community applauded Council’s majority vote to allow an open and transparent Expression of Interest process to re-activate the top floor of the building.

He said “we fully support continued lifesaving and nippers on the ground floor, just as it has been, but we want to see the top floor activated again by the local community.”

Mr Cotterell said the Noosa Heads Surf Club has had five years to outline an acceptable management plan for the building but had failed to do so.

“I remind people that it was the Noosa club that removed the training space on the lower floor, using this as a storage area for race craft not connected with local lifesaving, and they dismantled restaurant/bar facilities on the top floor, leaving it mostly unused in recent years.”

“And don’t forget that the $70,000 a year NHSLC get from our Peregian markets rent is a reliable and generous contribution to lifesaving and nippers from the Peregian Beach community.”

“We now want to see who can come up with something better than the old-fashioned and divisive surf club model that seems to have taken over our beach communities in Queensland.”

The PBCA President said “our community is known for its passion, its village-scale and its conservation values. Now we want to find a 21st century, innovative improvement. Something that includes our whole community and something we can proud of.”

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