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Updated: May 26, 2021

PBCA supports the proposed local law for STA and the arrangements proposed:

· to ensure that complaints from nearby residents can be promptly dealt with and the required signage;

· for a code of conduct for visitors requiring all vehicles to be parked on site, spelling out the need to consider nearby residents and their amenity; limiting the use of swimming pools between 10pm and 7 am

· to ensure the health and safety of visitors similar to the requirements for formal letting through a real-estate agent and outlined by Residential Tenancies Authority;

· to keep records of visitors;

· complaints handling.

PBCA supports the proposed denial of approval where three or more offences against the local law occur within 2 years.

We note that the introduction of new arrangements for STA including the proposed local law will place an increased administrative burden on Council and applicants. We therefore support the introduction of a fee for an application for approval under the Local Law.

We wish to acknowledge the work done on the issue of STA and the resultant more comprehensive arrangements that will address the key issues of impacts on the amenity of nearby residents, complaints handling and the ability for all residents living in their principal place of residence to provide some short term letting.

Please refer to PBCA’s submission on the significant changes on the draft New Noosa Plan which covers some of the issues relating to the local law.

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