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UPDATE: Council agrees the Motel requires PRIORITY

Councillors today have now voted in support of a motion moved by Councillor Stockwell which supports the priority given to the Motel in the Consent Order of 21 June 2019. The motion was seconded by Councillor Glasgow, who then surprisingly voted against the motion along with Councillor Jackson. All other Councillors voted to support the Noosa Plan and the terms of the Consent Order. It was passed 5 to 2.

The Thomco application will now be considered by the Planning and Environment Court.

PBCAI considers that the proposal to build the dwellings first, without any guarantee that the short-term visitor accommodation provided by the Motel will be built requires public notification. Without the Motel, and the short-term visitor accommodation, this is A SUBSTANTIALLY DIFFERENT DEVELOPMENT. It is almost the small lot housing development Thomco initially sought.

Thomco states in this request that there is no requirement for it to deliver “Motel Style Accommodation” and Thomco has shown no evidence of an intention to comply with the recent Consent Order and build the Motel.

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