Peregian Beach Community Association inc.

Connecting and protecting Peregian Beach and Marcus Beach for over 20 years

Making waves

The Peregian Beach Surf Club issue

PBCA supports;

A surf club accessible to the entire Peregian community, run by  - and for -the Peregian community.
Surf Lifesaving and nippers on the ground floor / an open and transparent process to re-activate the top floor for the benefit of the entire community.
A surf club that is sustainable WITHOUT doing harm to the community that supports it.

PBCA is opposed to plans to;

Promote either a bistro or gambling operation in the Peregian Beach Surf Club, to the detriment of our entire community.
Enlarge the club or shift it to the coastal erosion hazard zone closer to the beach.

Setting the record straight

two decades of direct action

Volunteer, bushcare or join

"I want to acknowledge the effort, the time, the financial input, the gnashing of teeth, the sleepless nights and the stress that PBCA stalwarts have been able to endure of behalf of their community."

Tony Wellington Noosa Mayor

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