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PBCA - another year protecting our community.

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

This report by PBCA President Barry Cotterell gives an overview of the volunteer work this

association has been involved in over this difficult year.

Was it only last September that we all had to evacuate due to the bush fires?


This AGM has been postponed, the Candidate Forum was cancelled as were the April, May and June meetings. The executive has continued to operate in these different and difficult times.

The 2020 Noosa Election

The PBCAI took the unusual step of supporting several candidates who were supportive of our policies, especially with regard to supporting the new Noosa Plan and opposing inappropriate development both in Peregian Beach, Marcus Beach and elsewhere in the shire. Three sitting Councillors supported by PBCAI were returned and one other new Councillor we supported was elected.

PBCAI is hopeful that the new Noosa Plan will be passed on 16 July 2020.

Funding for the Post Covid Recovery

Vivien Griffin, with the support of PBCAI and many other community organisations, sent a joint proposal to Noosa Council proposing the development of a tree planting job creation project as a matter of urgency.

This particular project was identified because it could be implemented fairly quickly, while at the same time delivering long-lasting benefit. Vivien and Phil Moran have met with the Mayor and relevant Councillors but we are still awaiting the outcome.

Bush Care

During the year we supervised 2 grants of $20,000 to Joel Fostin;

1. for the management of Pandanus dieback caused by the pest insect Jamella australiae across Noosa Shire Managed tenure; and

2. to produce 4 videos on the follow up work for the Noosa Shire's pandanus dieback program.

PBCAI also obtained a $7,500 grant for the David Low Way Restoration and Weed Management Project to restore native plants and support the restoration of an endangered species of butterfly by enhancing its natural habitat through the reserve from the Skin Shop to Lorikeet Creek at the David Low Way Roundabout.

Lorikeet Creek Riparian Rehabilitation

Using our $11,700 Unitywater grant with Landcare contractors and management allowed PBCAI to prevent introduced species like Singapore daisy, Morning Glory & Syngonium from spreading further and into the wetland that wanders south to Stumers Creek through the Noosa Environmental Park Peregian Section.

PBCAI’s weeding team have continued to attack the gloriosa and other weed pests in the dunal areas from Piper to Pitta Streets.

NC‘s Environment Strategy. As PBCA Representative, Rochelle attended the Forum where the Strategy was introduced to Noosa’s Environmental Interest groups. It seems to cover all aspects of Noosa’s Environmental Values – meeting ‘Different by Nature’ expectations but we are now looking for the Implementation of the Plan. We are awaiting a third of the $75,000 to be allocated by Council to the Eastern Beach groups each year for three years for Dunal Rehabilitation.

Costs of Planning Appeals

PBCAI wrote to Council on this topic and Council decided to:

A. Request that the Chief Executive Officer write to the Department of State Development, Infrastructure & Planning requesting:

1. A comprehensive review of the current cost provisions of the Planning & Environment Court Act 2016 with a view to including the ability for the Planning & Environment Court to award costs where a development proposal is found to significantly conflict with the Planning Scheme; and

2. A review of the appointment and selection process of referees to support more consistent and rigorous Tribunal decisions.

B. Submit a motion to the Local Government of Queensland 2020 conference requesting LGAQ lobby the Department of State Development, Infrastructure & Planning for a comprehensive review of the current cost provisions of the Planning & Environment Court Act 2016 with a view to including the ability for the Planning & Environment Court to award costs where a development proposal is found to significantly conflict with the Planning Scheme.

Peregian Beach Surf Club

PBCAI’s interest is:

1. The safety of swimmers at Peregian Beach which can be provided either by volunteer lifesavers or by paid professional life guards;

2. The building and its effective use on behalf of the community;

3. The impacts of the use of the building on the park in which it is located and the village and the social fabric that constitutes the “village amenity”;

4. The desire of the Noosa Council and the community to establish a Village scale independent Pokie and gambling free Peregian Beach controlled Club, if one is to be re-established at Peregian Beach, which will be run by and for the community in the existing building.

PBCAI is represented in the community consultation on the Peregian Beach Surf Club Advisory Board by Nigel Robinson.

The Advisory Board is “committed to re-establishing an independent, local Peregian Beach SLSC as soon as practicable, utilising the existing clubhouse and excluding all gambling and gaming”. PBCA has questioned whether the Advisory Board is unwieldy with 13 members (at last count) mostly representing the Noosa Heads Surf club compared to the ‘independents’. Nigel, who has extensive management experience, has suggested another “advisory” arrangement.

The current membership gap is the single biggest challenge facing the formation of a new Club and, that if it cannot be breached, there will be no new Club able to be formed. It is difficult to recruit volunteers because of the commitment they are required to make which deprives them of time with family and friends.

PBCAI has voiced reservations about the new Peregian (Beach) SLS Working Group that was established, exclusively from NHSLSC members at Peregian Beach. This Group appointed Leigh McCready as its President. Membership has NOT been offered to interested members of the community to ensure that the building is used in the interest of the Peregian Beach community. Unfortunately, the majority of the Working Group previously have sought an exclusive commitment to a supporters club in a larger building on the skate bowl site in the Coastal Protection Zone.

PBCA understands there is an alternative viable financial plan for the club involving more efficient use of the market rents that would be enough to sustain a club and nippers WITHOUT a large hotel operation. We have strongly urged full consideration of this plan, which is yet to occur.

Key Performance Indicators are required by Council. Separate accounts currently are not being maintained for the Peregian Beach Club so income and expenses are unclear. We are looking for far more transparency.

The Peregian Essence development (Thomco)

PBCAI has heard nothing since the Planning and Environment Court late last year refused Thomco’s application to build the dwellings first and the Motel at some undetermined time. Any funding problem for the developer will not be helped by the COVID crisis and its impact on tourism and the economy.

Heron Street Supermarket Development Appeal (Andema Pty Ltd) – former Foodstore

This matter has now been heard by Judge Kefford in the Planning and Environment Court and Council is awaiting a decision. The application involves a two storey building with a proposed 70 person roof-top restaurant, with no current application for walls or roof to the restaurant to cater for wind, sun and rain, which would result in it rapidly becoming 3 storeys. PBCAI has been requesting NSC to take action about the unsightly and unhealthy state of the premises .

Flight Path Forum

Marian Kroon has recently been elected as President and FPF, following its representations, has now received a damning report from the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman dated April 2020 which has vindicated the massive outcry by northern Sunshine Coast residents in 2019 in response to proposed new flight paths linked to the new Sunshine Coast Airport runway.

The report is a powerful indictment of the massive flaws which occurred in the community consultation by Air Services Australia. The Aircraft Noise Ombudsman has recommended that Air Services Australia go back to the drawing board with regard to flight path design and to engage with the community in doing so.

A key recommendation is for ASA to implement, as soon as practicable, a post-implementation review process for the Sunshine Coast flight path designs. This process should consider identified community-suggested alternatives and a community engagement process that provides genuine opportunities for community contributions to influence decision.

From my observations, there has been deception of the public to advance the interests of SCC and the SC Airport. With so many actors involved it has been hard to identify who was responsible. This report affirms the complaints of residents, and points to a way forward which can give hope to affected residents.

Bike Paths

PBCAI is represented on a Council working group examining concept design solutions for the High Priority Routes from Cooroy to Noosa Heads and Noosa Heads to Peregian Beach.

We are aware of some uninformed agitation to establish bike paths from Peregian Beach to Peregian Breeze and Peregian Springs through the National Park and other inappropriate areas.

Some of these proposals are also prohibitively costly (e.g. $3m for an overpass over the Motorway to Peregian Springs). The existing bike paths up Havana Road over the Motorway which allows for bicycle access to the schools and the Woodland Walk through the National Park obviously need publicity.


Thanks to Deputy Mayor Frank Wilkie who has attended several of our meetings and reported on NSC activities and kept the Association updated and we thank him.

We have been pleased to have Dr. Ian Lowe, Alex Murray, Vivien Griffin and Councillor Brian Stockwell address our meetings.

I want to thank the Executive for all their support. We have worked collaboratively and this has proved effective. I wish to thank Rochelle Gooch for her work as Environment Co-ordinator and Weeding captain. I also wish to thank each and every one of our members for your support.

Barry Cotterell, PBCA President. July 2020.

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